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Is there an alternate configuration of the typical GM Air Intake Temp Sensor, one that uses a different mounting method than the 3/8" NPT? I am trying to fix it to a bracket under the hood. Welding a bung to the bracket looks clumsy and the pipe thread doesn't accept a locknut, at least not well.

Ideally, a similar adapter with a straight thread or one with a built in bracket?



Does it have to use the Delphi calibration curve? Maybe one of the common Bosch plastic flange mount types might be an option?

If you need Delphi cal then one of the 1/8NPT ones like we (Link) sell might be small enough to allow threading into your bracket.

Where exactly is this going? What is the engine and where in the piping system are you trying to locate the sensor?

I have the current 3/8NPT style sensor mounted near the air horn shown to the right

You'll see the sheetmetal bracket and a nut I made trying to 'lock' the pipe thread but it keeps vibrating loose. I tried to put the sensor as close as possible to the air intake point, thinking that would help accuracy.

I quite often use the Bosch IAT sensor with a 12x1.5 mm thread. This will open up your options for locking nuts. http://www.bosch-motorsport.de/content/downloads/Products/resources/2782683147/en/pdf/Temperature_Sensor_NTC_M12-L_Datasheet_51_en_2782650379.pdf

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