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Anti-lag evo4 4g63

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Hi lads, i have 1997 Evo4 4G63, i just wired my anti-lag, can I check through pc link if I have it wired right. Also can I map it myself or is there a lot to it? Could someone post info for me to follow to map it thanks

What have you done to get the anti-lag to work?

You can test the solenoid are activating in the software, also when at idle you can test cyclic idle but the only true test of the full system is to activate it and with mild numbers in the system record it and make sure it is behaving as you expect.

Hi Chris. to be honest I'm only learning by doing, I cant find a definitive guide to fitting anti-lag, so far iv only wired in the switch to the ecu, is there other pipe work etc to be done in the engine,

All help greatly appreciated thanks

You're going to need a way of bypassing additonal air into the engine when the antilag is active. The nicest option is via e-throttle as you have complete control over the amount of air bypass, and the car will drive like factory when the antilag is inactive. The other common option is to use a throttle kicker solenoid to open the throttle when required. Lastly the 'Group N' technique is to permanently hold the throttle body open using the throttle stop screw. The downside of this technique is that the car will drive poorly on touring stages.

There is quite extensive help in the Link Help file about the various antilag configurations and how to set them up. I'd recommend getting yourself familiar with this and then ask any remaining questions here. I'll mention that there is no 'right' antilag setup, as the personal preference of the driver has a big influence over how much retard and how much air bypass you use. Also if you don't have a pedal box, you will lose vacuum assistance.

thanks Andre, I just looked at the anti-lag tables there in the help menu, I'm probably going to get the ecu mapped by a professional mapper but I want to learn it myself aswell, there is example tables in the help menu, is it safe to set the anti-lag to these settings and test drive it?

after I set-up cyclic idle


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when I turn on anti-lag I cant see where I set cyclic idle? am I doing summit wrong

I would probably suggest that you start with a little less retard than the example table and then work up from there and I normally use a 50% cut value. If you have enabled the antilag system and selected the cyclic idle mode as 'ON', you should see the required parameters become visible.

Hi lads just wondering is there someone I can ring to talk me through setting up anti-lag, I can pay them for their time via paypal, my mapper is too busy to sort it for my next rally (2weeks), I would greatly appreciate if someone could as I have too much time/energy put into the car to damage it setting it up worng

Thanks Shane

Do you have EGT and afr monitoring on the car?

Hi Chris, I don't, do I need these for anti-lag set-up aswell?


Shane, if you're competing in any Motorsport you should be monitoring as much of the engine as possible, anti-lag that's to be used in competition really needs to be monitored to allow the introduction of safety limits. I'm not sure that anyone would be willing to set up an anti-lag system remotely without the appropriate monitoring in place.

Perfect Chris thanks, ill pass on it so and get it done professionally

Thanks for everyones help

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