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Anti-Lag Strategie DI-Engine

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What Antilag strategies can be used on a Di injection engine with DBW and no second air injection?

Is it possible to inject during exhaust strocke without damaging the pistons?

Can big overlap been used to inject during overlap?

I would like to hear your expierience.

You don't strictly need to change anything about a conventional PI antilag strategy for use on a DI engine. While you could inject on the exhaust stroke, it's not necessary. You can maintain your normal injection timing and through a combination of ignition retard and cutting the ALS will work just like a PI system.

Sure normal antilag strategie does work the same way, but im wondering if there are any gains or at least lowering the EGT'Ss possible with dpecific Di-antilag strategy?

Are ther any chance to damage pistons if we inject early in the exhaust stroke?

Injection into the exhaust stroke will likely generate more temperature for the same fuel volume?

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