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just i wanna ask about the hp tuner software for gm car from where i can but it

and i get information that its came 2 type

may i get more information please

You can by direct fro www.hptuners.com. The two versions are the standard and pro options of the interface. The pro version allows you to add sensors such a as wideband directly to the interface and view them in the scanner. There is some details of the differences here: http://www.hptuners.com/forum/showthread.php?2924-MPVI-Std-and-MPVI-Pro-(Enhanced-IO)-Interface-Differences

As a heads-up, the new Version 3.0 HP Tuners Suite supports Wide band Serial Interface for Innovate (LC1, LC2, LM1, LM2 and MTX-L), AEM (4XXX and 03XX series) and PLX widebands. This precludes the need for the Pro versions External Interface so you can purchase the Standard Version and save a few dollars. Now one additional advantage to the Pro version, Wideband aside, it will let you interface other 0-5v sensors like Fuel Pressure, EGT etc, where the Standard will not. The Pro Version also supports stand-alone logging where you can log without a laptop (preconfigure MPVI with scanner setup information) log and then read your logs later once you return home from the track or logging session and reconnect to your laptop.

I'm still not having much success with the serial support at least for the LM2 Innovate :(

This looks like it's still a work in progress though and I see some users have it working. On the current beta I still don't have it working but I'm looking forward to this so I can stop accounting for voltage offsets when using the analogue input.

Hi Andre,

I would like to know if you have had success with the LM2 Innovate connected to the HP Tuners analogue input.

I've being trying to connect it in so many different ways I found on internet, but I can't get a consistent value, it seems like interference. I mean if it goes richer it will tend to go richer but the values are a saw signal, it's not about an offset value which I know I can adjust. It's about how to get values in a straight line. Is there a way to filter the signal in the VCM Scanner? because I haven't found it also.


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I've been having issues with my Pro unit and the LM-2 ever since. In my LM-2 logs the Lambda values are what I want them to be, but via the analog input and the VCM Scanner trace they are way leaner.

Haven't tried to work on voltage offsets yet, but I've used the LM-2 log in combination with my VCM Scanner logs to get the fueling right. PITA but it gets the job done.

I hope they've fixed it with their new unit ... fingers crossed it gets to me soon :)

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