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anyone here fililiar with aem v1 ecu's?

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hey I am having an issue with my car, the ecu is an aem 1300-0064 which is supposed to be a plug and play ecu for a 1991-1994 Eagle Talon/Mitsubishi Eclipse. To start, when the car has a stock ecu it operates as normal, car starts, runs and drives just fine but afr is bad due to big injectors and turbo and other mods. When I plugged in the AEM ecu the car would no longer start and I discovered there was no power getting to my ignition or injectors, I did some digging and discovered that pin 63 and 66 are connected to my cars mpi circuit which controls exactly that. How the system works is when the ecu see's ignition power it grounds those pins and supplies power to said parts. However on the AEM ecu those pins were for coil # 5 and lambda 2, two things I definitely do not need. I was not able to find a way in the ecu to tell it to ground these when it see's ignition power so instead I added my own relay into the system which allowed the car to now start momentarily.

So now the car is at the point where it starts and stays running but only for about 5 seconds then it shuts off, I have came up with only 2 theories but the car is 4 hours away from me and I do not have the ability at the moment to make trips unless I am 100% certain I can fix the issue. My theory is that the car is only running off the fuel that the car initially primes, and when the fuel is gone the engine then shuts off. So again I could simply add a relay into the fuel system that keeps the pump on when ignition is on however I do not think that this is the right thing to do as its supposed to be plug and play.

was there some sort of thing I am missing or something I do not know about in the software that I can set pins to ground when ecu see's ignition power cause if the car was ever in an accident and my fuel pump relay keeps the pump on even if the engine is off that would be pretty dangerous. if pin outs of the aem and stock ecu are needed let me know I have both readily available.

thanks for the help.

Hello i am not familiar with this ECU but surely it is configurable in the ECU to either change the pin-out or assignment of the tune file to make it work, ideally not plug and play but I'm sure it can be done, do you have the software?

Regards Ross

I'll bet there was a special version of the firmware for the Mitsubishi plug & play, and it used those extra outputs to correctly enable the main relay, and the fuel pump relay. I know AEM has dropped support for the series 1 ECUs, but maybe there's an expert on those out there that can help you.

I did find this thread that might have info that would be useful to you:


The issue ended up being the ecu itself thanks for all the help.

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