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Anyone with good knowledge of Motec M48?

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Anyone here with good knowledge of the M48?

Will the map/configuration be lost during firmware update?

My friend has an m48 in his RallyX car, (E30 with S14, 2.9L.)

I'm having difficulties to connect to it, and the EMP complains about ECU version mismatch.

After several attempts, 5-10, it connects, and I can adjust what I need. (launch RPM mostly).

I know them fairly well. If you want to do a firmware update you need to first save the existing map and convert it after the upgrade. You need a SUU software update unit to update the firmware. EMP should tell you the firmware version up the top of the screen from memory.

Since you say it does eventually connect it sounds more like you have a com port issue. I assume you are using a PCI cable? If you are using a USB>serial adapter I would try a FTDI based one as they usually work with legacy devices much better than the prolific chipsets.

Ok, so I need a different unit to to the update, then it's not an option.

I'm using a diy cable, an USB FTDI to 5v TTL from sparkfun.

I just have to live with the problem, don't want to spend too much money on this old ECU.

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