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asking to see what is potentially wrong pt.1

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this file is the file i made to run the 2jz in my brz. i posted a thread previously on the 7th but im not gold so i cant respond.

anyways onto the question.

so im wondering what i have set up wrong in my file as to why im not getting output to my factory dash. i ordered a custom wiring harness with wiring to go from the ecu master black to the brz dash/can system. ecumaster says they support my cars factory dash and so far the only signal ive gotten to the dash is the factory fuel level sensor until i changed the file to include sending data to the factory dash as well as sending data across the factory can network. i have contacted ecumaster but asper usual that wasnt much help and they ended up asking me to send them whatever i do to figure it out.

either way, im having issues sending data to the factory dash, i can supply photos of the harness also later on if people ask and i can make this a multi part-er. im also confused how to configure the inputs/outputs of the alternator. and finally for now i guess im also stuck on how to make sure the ignition sends power to the starter properly. i do have the entire interior factory wiring and the factory wiring leading to and/or from the alternator, starter, battery, fuse box+all relays, and fans. because someone asked on the first post from the 7th, it is a turn-key ignition, not push to start.

im also going to add before people ask, everything else in the car that is factory still works such as the dimmer for the dash, the controller to move the headlights, the headlights and tailights. yes im aware that has nothing to do with the tune but just so people know how much factory wiring vs custom wiring there is.

to sum up the only thing about the setup thats not factory is the harness, ecu, motor & everything attached, trans (stayed manual btw)

also to add if possible but i doubt it, if i can repurpose a few of the factory buttons to do other things, for example have the factory sport button become my boost map change button to run two different boost levels.

if it would be cheaper to do an aftermarket dash also suggest that but i would heavily prefer to keep the factory interior plus extra gauges.


Integration of your ECU with your factory dash sounds like it's something your ECU manufacturer expects to function with a built in template they provide. Where are you currently in the troubleshooting process with ECUMaster?

Reverse engineering all the CAN communication between ECU and dash is a significant effort, especially if not something you have a good bit of experience doing. HPA does teach a course on CAN communication which is wonderful if you decide to go that route, but hopefully you can work with ECUMaster to find a simple solution to get their template working.

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