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Hello guys,

For the first time i am going to run a motec m84 on a turbo charged tb48 engine which is automatic transmission, is there anything that needs to be configured to start the engine and tune it which is different than tuning manual transmission cars?


Which trans is it? Im assuming it has a separate ecu for the trans or is it an older not ecu controlled trans?

There is nothing really different to tuning an engine fitted with an Auto. My only recommendation would be keep an eye on trans temps and how much you load it up on the dyno.

When running an auto under load for quite some time its very easy to over heat the oil and trans and throw oil out the breather and all over the floor.

Thanks chris, it has an ecu for the trans, so there are no setting for the trans in the motec?

There is nothing in the ECU itself to control the Trans.

Sometimes you will find the trans ecu may share inputs like TP or MAP but the Motec itself won't control the trans.

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