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so ive recently put a BA motor into a AU had the harness made to piggy back off the original AU ecu . i flashed it to work everythings runs an works mint . but why im on here would like to learn about the tunning part . If anyone has a hp will be able to look at this file .

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  • dirty-south-AFR-change-up-to-date-28022022.hpt
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Hey Kyle, well you're in the right place if you want to learn how to cover the tuning but I'm probably not going to be able to offer much information by just looking at a calibration. What I'd suggest is you post up a log file(s) with some full throttle acceleration or any areas you're not happy with and then we'll have a lot more to work off. I'm a little confused on your setup though? I can only assume you're running the Barra ECU to control the engine so what is the integration with the AU ECU?

In your messages to Lauren you said - 'What I’m trying to achieve is no rpm drop and hold my 3rd gear at the the ratio of 3.08 diff'. Could you please explain that statement as I'm struggling a little to understand what you're trying to achieve here?

So the AU ecu is there so I can still use the key to start the car once the motor is started the bf ecu takes over .

This is because WEN I did the swap I didn't want any of the features from the ba in the AU jus the motor hence why this has been done the way it has .

An in relation to my comment 3rd gear with no rpm drop. I can get 3rd gear in the skid although I'd like to be able to maintain that gear throughout most the skid I believe to b able to achieve this there would need to be some small tunning .. that's what I'm after . In regards to a log I can send in a log bull most likely be only an idle log . Keeping in mind that my 02 sensor is still only sending feed back to the AU so there is no 02 bank wich I think is why I'm getting any long or short trim for the fuel also OL fault . Wich use will see .

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next comp i have ill make a log of it wen im skidding

thanks yes please send a file with part and full throttle for us to discuss

also we would need to see the lambda reading, it is imposible to make any changes with out knowing this

OK WEN I'm home I will have to look for a part throttle as I don't have any full throttle runs . Thanks guys for the support

Also can't you see the lambda from the file I sent


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For us to be able to provide any useful input you're going to need to provide a log under load. There's absolutely nothing I can tell you from a log of the engine idling other than the fact there's an O2 fault and it's running in open loop (which means we don't even have fuel trims to help us). The Barra doesn't have a factory wideband AFR sensor either so without adding one we are basically blind as to what the AFR is doing in open loop (under load).

My suggestion is to add a wideband kit like the AEM x-series. These have an OBD2 pass through connector and make it super easy to bring AFR straight into the VCM scanner. You'll also want to log the commanded AFR so you can see what if any error exists.

OK thank you I'll have to purchase one of them .

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