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base fuel pressure confusion

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as title, i m a bit confused about base fuel pressure.

i m using the stock fuel pressure regulator at the moment and the pressure is 2.4b at idle when vacuum line attached.

when using a standalone, the base fuel pressure is set to 3bar on the pclink.

should i install a 3bar fuel pressure that uses no vacuum reference so the pressure is always 3bar or this is the way its supposed to work with stock system

thank you

ps: its not returneless system

You set the base fuel pressure setting in PC Link to match whatever your actual fuel pressure is (vac line off or engine not running when checking).

How the ECU uses this fuel pressure setting will depend on what you have set in the "fuel system type".

If your FPR has a vacuum/boost reference, then the fuel system type should be set to MAP referenced.

Note, you will find explanations for most settings by hitting F1 while the setting is selected.

thanks adam! i will need a gauge to check the pressure and set it up. thanks

i read somewhere, you say idle VE should be around 50% my VE idle is 66.3 , 1lambda.im trying to find out why.

my injectors are 315cc denso oem toyota.

Hi Nano work your way thu al the settings you will most likey find one slightly off like injector dead time for example

regards Ross

hi ross, indeed there are numbers in deadtime table, but already put in, not by me. so its likely not for my injectors.

i tried to 0 the table, but ve idle climbs to 80%

A VE of 66 at idle is not too far off normal. I wouldnt be too worried about it - it will probably still tune up fine. Most likely your injector flow rate or deadtimes are incorrect but if you dont have any real data then you will either have to use trial and error - or change to traditional fuel equation which is less critical to have accurate injector information.

ok Adam, its probably deadtime, fuel pressure , flowrate related then...

i installed the g4x monsoon one week ago, and this is the first time i m using standalone.. i took the hp academy courses and learnt the modeled equation not so much the traditional and i want to keep with it for now.... if i struggle to find data etc i ll go traditional.

thanks for your help, im very happy with the product.

i got rid of ht leads and installed cop. i was surprised how the engine started straight away ;)

great replies thank you all the have helped here

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