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Battery voltage comp with ITBs.

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Currently swapping out a single throttle/plenum intake for ITBs. N/A. The considered option for a load reference is TPS and having the fuel pressure reg referenced to atmo. My question is this, to set up an accurate battery voltage comp (which is dependent on the delta pressure across the injector), should I be inputting MAP from a common source, comparing that to atmo and using the resultant as a table axis against battery volts? MoTeC M800.

I tune almost exclusively ITB NA engines. I wouldnt bother with MAP referenced deadtimes, they are not going to give you any advantage over batt voltage alone. If you have ever connected a vacuum gauge to a single cylinder you will understand why a common MAP source wont reflect well what the injector tip is exposed to.

Typically I dont MAP reference the FPR in an ITB NA situation either, I usually connect the MAP sensor and FRP reference to the airbox to account for any (small) aerodynamic presurisation or filter restriction effects.

Thx Adam. Do you generally use a common source MAP for TPS/MAP blend or find that TPS only is sufficient with baro correction?

For a NA engine, assuming the ecu has baro comp built in, I wouldn’t bother using MAP at all apart from the sealed airbox scenario I mentioned earlier. Alpha N + Baro does a decent job.

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