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Big flames

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so had a guy ask me if we can make his car pop big flames when backs of the throttle to me I think it’s a stupid idea but others thinks it’s a cool idea anyways

would you put more fuel in the decel to get the desired effect ? Or is there a trick for the big flames on decel

What's your tuning setup?

In carberry (subaru opensource) there are antilag options, and in those cells with antilag enabled I usually target about -20 degrees timing and about 8:1 AFR. It makes for loud pops/bangs and ridiculous 2+ foot flames. Note that I don't recommend this and I would warn your customers there could be consequences. A couple guys that insisted getting this "cool" stuff on their car have destroyed o2 sensors. they rattled like a burnt out light bulb after we took them out.

You could also put it in the left (decel) timing and fuel table values... even less recommended but it does work.

It’s a built rb25 running flex tune on a haltec elite came in the shop for some work as previous tune was rubbish and we done the retune plus flex tune now the customer said the last tune was shooting big flames and he wants this but explaing the side effects he’s not to worried just wants flames lol

If you don't want to go crazy just a bit rich and retarded in trailing throttle will probably get some flame, if you can set the logic up you could even try a complete ignition cut at 0% throttle above 1500rpm. A one way valve into the exhaust will get some decent bangs too if you really want to play with it, just like a stuffed gasket on overrun.

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