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Big intake and Engine response

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hi all,

i have a question regarding bigger intake manifold and bigger throttle body installed, at idle revving engine and afr readings shown too lean, logically huge amount of air will enter engine made this lean reading, but more than this the engine response is not good unless transient throttle map is activated then the response while revving up the engine will be fine. It's been advised that to avoid using transient theottle table while tuning the engine for correction values that will applied in some areas according to the temp, tps %

ecu is haltech sprint 500

engine is toyota 4efte

any input and advice will be highly appreciated

More background please. Was the engine tuned on this hardware or was it tuned on some other hardware and then the parts were changed?

hi Arghx7,

these hardware freshly installed and the ecu is also new , piggy backed with stock ecu using the base map of this engine and never tuned before since it had stock ecu only with stock every thing.

Before you worry about transient response I'd make sure you have the fuel and ignition tables properly and accurately first. Once you have the fuel and ignition tables properly tuned in steady state and under WOT ramp runs then you can go ahead and optimise the transient enrichment tables. Let us know how that works out.

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