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Boost solenoid test

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I have a Haltech ps1000 with an i/o expander that I connected a Haltech boost control solenoid to dpo1. I don't have the car running yet and would like to know if there's any way I can test the solenoids functionality before I get in running and get it tuned?


1st test would be to test the wiring and to see if the solenoid is OK. So you can send PWM signal and listen if the solenoid is opening and closing.

2nd test I usually do is to put a sensor and the actuator in series with ECU and a manual air pump. With this you can see if the complete regulation system is working + polarity.

It is very a basic test so I hope you will get more information with other answers.

You can put 12volts on it and see if it actuates. In the z33 turbo world there are 1000s different answers on how to hook up your boost control solenoid and it just became more and more confusing. The boost control course here was pretty good and had pretty solid info. I subsequently hooked my solenoid up correctly to the waste gates but hooked it up wrong to the wrong port on my haltech!

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