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Bosch 82mm Electronic Throttle Bodies - Whats the Difference?

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Happy New Years Everyone!

I am looking to purchase a 82mm TB for my project, but I am seeing two different part numbers floating around the internet. On the official Bosch Motorsports website I am seeing this part number 0280.750.101. On a bunch of third-party websites I am seeing this number 0280.750.473. From a bit of digging, I think that I have found out that the second part number is from a 09-17 Porsche 911. Some retailers call this the number the Bosch Motorsports unit even though the part numbers do not match the one from the BMS website.

Does anyone know the actual differences between these (if any)? Are they interchangeable? Any benefits to one or the other?

I haven't done an intensive search, but there really isn't much information out there on them, is there.

There are at least two possible reasons for different part numbers. Design variation required by Porsche - hard to say, but the filter side looks like it may be slightly different, but hard to say. There are 0-5V and 5-0V, from closed to full open, versions and they may reflect that. It may indicate the part has met Porsche specific quality requirements - I know some years ago Porsche specified specially marked and approved tyres from their supplier, even though it was a reasonably common, off the shelf size.

From the calibration information that I have for both of these throttles, they are different. They have variances in the PID numbers, as well as the Feed Forward table.

The $&# was used in the Porsche 997 GT3RS (MY2008) and the 101 is from the Ferrari 575 Maranello (MY2004)

Thanks for the reply guys!

Stephen, any differences/benefits to one over the other? The Bosch Motorsports version (0280.750.101) is almost double the price, is it worth it from your experience?

they are all very very similar. There were multiple revisions to the idle cut on the blade, otherwise, they all have the same connector and are controlled the same and will plug in across the large bosch ME7.xxx and ME9.xxx ecu and control platform FWIR

Most of the differences that I have seen between the throttles is the the layout of the various components are different but the internals are the same. The Motorsport ones may have a higher QA standard applied, but I have not been able to confirm any differences in that regard.

For a part to be a true Bosch Motorsport part it starts with a letter, not a number. Bosch Motorsport does sell a lot of automotive parts under the Bosch Motorsport banner, but they are parts picking out of parts available through the general automotive channel. This leads to confusion in the market because you see less scrupulous resellers posting, for example, a Bosch 026 fluid temperature sensor as a Bosch Motorsport part simply because it was purchased through the Bosch Motorsport division.

When looking at throttle bodies, here are a couple of examples both grabbed from the Bosch Motorsport product list. The first is an automotive product because the part number does not start with a letter. It is most probably off some smaller engined European engine. The 46mm throttle body is a Bosch Motorsport part.

Electronic Throttle Body 44 mm

Order number: 0280.750.137

Electronic Throttle Body 46 mm

Order number: F02U.V01.171-01

Bosch pricing can be all over the place with different products, I suppose based on production quantities, what the agreement with the original OEM is etc. You can find two parts, ie crank angle sensors, which appear basically the same except they have different electrical connectors and the price of one could be twice the other.

Knock sensors are another area that the pricing is quite strange.

Thanks Richard for explaining that!

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