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Can you leave the MAF sensor on the vehicle after disabling it?

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Hi Guys, just watched the webinar on SD tuning using HP tuners. I am using a a very large cam with a lot of overlap on a VE Commodore L98 engine, have decided to do SD tune only. My question is, after disabling the MAF sensor, can I leave it there so I don't have to replace the IAT sensor?

no reason why you would have to remove it if you think it wont be a restriction - and keeping it wired up is another data point you can log that might tell you something useful down the line.

Hi Tim, yes you can leave it in place. If you're going to use the built in IAT sensor then obviously the MAF also will be connected and providing a signal to the ECM so it's even more critical that you fail the MAF so that it is ignored.

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