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Can’t get a smoothe idle Ls1 w/mild cam

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I have a c5 corvette and just can’t get the idle to smooth out. I don’t have effective area percentage max. I’m working with this""

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leave the iac stock and every other table under airflow tab,

only increase base running airflow, this should get it to idle like stock if you have other issues check your air fuel ratio, and your timing,

post your tune and a datalog with the issue, so we can help you more.

Will do thanks.

I'd also suggest that often with a moderate sized cam it can be beneficial to reduce the adaptive idle tables by 50-75% to give the idle ignition control a little less power. Also it's important to target a sensible and achievable idle speed. This will need to go up by perhaps 50-150 rpm depending on the size of the cam.

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