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Hi, pardon a noobs question but i am having trouble getting a clean cold start. While i have some level of pre crank and crank enrichment im not really sure how much is the right amount. The car always takes at least 2 seconds of crank to fire up - how to i achieve factory levels of cold start? would appreciate some tips. Car in question is a 92 1.8 Miata running a Link g4 storm ecu. thanks

Try increasing the cranking enrichment and see how it starts. If it is worse, try decreasing it.

Once the car starts, watch your wideband. There will be two tables, post start enrichment, and warm up enrichment. I believe at the bottom of the tuning screen, by default one of the monitored parameters are both of those. So, start with the post start enrichment table, and set it up to maybe target 13.5:1 while its warming up? It really depends on what your engine wants to see to run happily when its cold. May be richer, may be leaner. That is what i set up my most previous tune to do, target around 13 at absolute cold, and cycle thru up to 13.5, and then finally 14.7:1. You will notice too, that it will transition from post start, to warmup enrichment, and then you need to tune the warm up enrichment table.

It will take alot of fidgeting. It took me 3 days to set up the car that i did (start it from cold every morning, and tweak a bit). They warm up quick, so you gotta be fast. Hope that helped, im a bit of a noob myself when it comes to LINK ecu...and tuning in general.

Andre done a great webinar covering this a while back, check it out:


If you still have any questions fire them up with a copy of your file and a datalog of your cranking and post start.

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