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Contactless Throttle Position Sensor

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Hi, i am looking for information on contactless TPS.

1. Is it worth it?

2. Is the signal the same as a regular potentiometer tps?

3. Would a PWM type tps signal give any advantages over analog 0-5v?

4. Does the ecu care if it is a clockwise or anti-clockwise tps? (Myself running vipec i88)

5. Any recommendations on type of TPS to buy?

A contactless TPS is generally more reliable than a variable potentiometer style since there is no contact running on a track to wear out. Generally these contactless sensors are reasonably cost effective so yes I'd say they are worthwhile. The signal is still a 0-5V signal so they are comparable to a conventional TPS. Some ECUs do require the TPS to be within a specific voltage band when they are closed but with the Link/ViPec it doesn't matter as you can configure the voltage for open and closed throttle. You do however need to purchase a TPS that is the same orientation as your throttle body in terms of its rotation.

Sorry I can't recommend a specific product as this will require a physical compatibility with your throttle body.

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