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Cruise Knock Retard - Subaru

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Have been working on tuning this car for a bit now and have been struggling with this one spot in cruise. The car runs and drives well and has nice smooth WOT but in this one specific spot, going up hills on the highway it pulls insane amounts of timing. I have a pair of DIY Det cans and cannot hear anything, but they aren't the best and it's consistently in the same spot so I'm hesitant to dumb down the knock monitoring. I have messed with timing and AVCS in this area but my only result has seemingly been to wipe out any torque that was there. Attached is a log of the event and seemingly relevant tables. (Any other unrelated suggestions on my tune welcomed!)

Car Specs:

2007 Legacy GT Spec.B

-IAG Stage 2 block


-ID1300x Injectors

-TGV Deletes

-AN Parallel lines and Torqued Solutions Rails with Aeromotive FPR

-FP Green Turbo

-GSC Stage 1 AVCS Cams with beehive springs and oversized valves

-Front Mount Intercooler

-93 Octane Pump Gas

-Cobb Speed Density

Attached Files

after checking your logs etc I would be thinking it is not knock.

So interestingly enough, it has been super cold here the last couple of days, and the car learned -1.4deg in that location and has not pulled any timing since. It's a really odd issue, but it is at loads below 1.5g/rev so maybe I should just dumb down the knock sensor a bit.

I came across something similar once and in that case the knock was detected in the area close to maximum torque rpm which was very low. It wouldn't be logged during wot pulles but was often present during part throttle driving. The only one thing that helped solving it was adding much more fuel in that area instead of retarding ignition timing which resulted in a spike on the torque graph.

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