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Custom Sensor Calibration (haltech) (NTC M12-H)

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I am looking to use a bosch motorsport fluid temperature sensor with my Haltech PS1000, reason being the thread (m12) and the higher temp.

sensor is a bosch NTC M12-H,

attached is the calibration data from Bosch, haltech needs Voltage for its calibration.

so its a two part question:

how can I convert the resistance to voltage given I don't know the current (V=IR)?

does anyone maybe have a calibration already?

thanks guys

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If I am right the haltech uses 1kOhm pull-up resistor. The system is a simple voltage divider. U=5V, R1=1000 Ohms, R2 - sensor resistance, U2-the wanted data, U1= U-U2. The formula is U1/U2=R1/R2 or U2=U*(R2/(R1+R2))

Yep 1k pull up

Another way is to do it manually yourself, The raw voltage values can be viewed in the haltech software by creating a new "number display" gauge and choosing "ATI1" as the input. You can then have the sensor wired into the haltech and place it into a cup of freezing water accompanied by a thermometer (digital ones with their own probe can be had for pretty cheap) and note down the voltage output at different temperatures as it warms slowly to room temp, Then add boiling water from a kettle to raise the temp slowly. You will soon start to see abit of a curve being created.

It`s a good way when you don`t know the values of the resistance curve. By doing that job, actually you will measure the sensor resistance, which is provided by Bosch in datasheet...

Gentlemen, could some one check my math please (Graf_ST205)?

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If Excel counts right ^_^, everything is OK

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