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Cylinder Crank & Cam Syncronization Layout

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Please help me to understand the TDC offset angle that I need to configure inside ELITE 2500 trigger section according to the attached layout.


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What engine is it, and can you add any other details??

I would expect it to be the angle between the left side of the slot and the pick-up, but could easily be wrong.

However, that would be the initial setting and you'd use a timing light with it fixed in software to check what it actually is, then adjust it in the software until the physical and ECU timing matches up.

If you find it won't start and you know the coil(s) and injectors are working, and you have fuel pressure, try adding 360 degrees to it.


This is 6.8 liter 6 Cyl Cooper engine that operate 125kw generator at steady 1500 rpm.

Coils and injectors work, but the engine don't start due to misinformation about the TDC angle.

We also have no marks on the engine to work with timing light so we ask the manufacture to send us the info and this is what we get.

It seems that the needed angle is 55 but I'm not sure at all.

Trigger wheel 60-2

Can you support?


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First step, you will need to make timing marks so you can verify the correct value for TDC offset using a timing light. Next, go through the Haltech documentation and understand their description of the TDC offset, and using your documentation, make a first attempt. From looking at the ESP help, I think the offset is the angle between TDC and the cam trigger tooth.

What I might do, if I could see the trigger (cam) signal [i.e. you might have to remove the sensor and look down a hole], I would set the engine at TDC, turn the crank 45 degrees at a time, looking for the trigger tooth. Keep track of how much you turned the crank, and now you have a starting point (put that angle in the software) -- close enough to probably start and run the engine, then you can use your timing light and adjust to the correct value using the Ignition Lock Mode.

Looking back at that drawing, if the circle on the cam is the trigger and it is 90 deg from TDC #1, then I would expect the offset to be either 180 or (180+360) = 540 degrees crankshaft degrees. You might try one of those two values and see if you can get it to start.

Dear David,

After setting the engine at TDC and creating the required marks with 0 degrees info, it was found that we are 35.5 degrees out of calibration.

After setting the value the engine wake up.

Thanks for the info and support.


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