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Decel Popping

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I'm having a problem with a car that pops just before stopping on decel. It's a 3 cyl turbo running an Emtron. I've added fuel and cut fuel but it didn't seem to help. I've also cut timing with a mixed result. Anyone able to pull up some Emtron Logs and the tune to take a look?

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if your datalogging - what timing does it show that the ecu is commanding when the pops occur?

Your idle ignition kicks in at 3350 and pulls timing down to 20ATDC. You still have fuel being injected at the same time so with that much retard, with fuel and air present you will certainly have some combustion in the exhaust.

I dont know the emtron idle control system at all but suspect you have something funky in the setup there, the idle target jumps up an extra 1000RPM when you touch the pedal and your RPM lockout appears to be about another 1000rpm on top of that so that means idle control is starting to kick in well above where it should.

I would say the RPM lockout needs to be brought down (more typical is around 400RPM above target), probably the idle ignition minimum clamp needs to be increased to something more sensible, and that 1000rpm target adder/step needs to be reduced - I guess this is their dashpot or ramp down type function. If there is some type of speed lockout type function that would help you too.

Thank you, Adam. I will give that try and see if it helps.

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