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Diesel tuning.

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Hi Andre,

I have almost finish the EFI fundamental and AF course already and start to wondering that do you have any diesel course or webinar.

Or would you be able to advise some good book for the modern turbo diesel tuning?

I guess the fundamental is the same but there should be some major different between gasoline and diesel such as ignition etc..



Unfortunately at this point we have no immediate plans to release a diesel tuning course. We know there is demand and we have this on our radar, however we have course material that has a higher priority right now.

The principles of diesel tuning are dramatically different to petrol engines and in fact the way they respond to fuel is almost the direct opposite of a petrol engine. When it comes to optimising a diesel engine EGT is a very important input to keep an eye on if you don't want to risk damaging your engine.

Maybe you can try That one

Hi Guys, thanks for the reply I will have a look thru.

Just to bring up the past :)

The Diesel Tuning course is now available here: Diesel Tuning Fundamentals

It's an online course, start instantly, comes with a certificate of completion, 60 money back guarantee.

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