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Differential fuel pressure GP limit

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Hi guys, I would like to set up a differential fuel pressure GP limit on my link g4+. The setup is a b18c running 43psi base pressure and approx 45psi of boost pressure. I am having a hard time finding how to set up the table and what parameters should be where. Any help would be great. Thanks.

hello take a read of the help file to understand which type of differential number you need to see in your tables but there are several ways to do it use differential pressure as one axis and map as the other in your case then type in the expected minimum pressure you would expect to see and try it you will be able to log the differential fuel pressure and adjust the numbers to be about 10-20 kpa away from what you want as safe. if you have doubt on what numbers to use try it and see if it cuts at what you expect it would the link forum is also a great place for resources on this

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