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Does it exist a low spec "Bosch 044 style" lift pump.

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I'm planning my fuel system.

The engine will be fed by dual 044 pumps, from a surge tank.

I would really like to have a similar pump as a lift pump from main tank to surge tank, but I don't need it to be moving as much fuel, and unnecessary heating it only by circulation.

I've heard about the 040 pump, but is there any pump in same chassis with lower specs?

i have not managed to find one in the same body sorry

Can't find the flow rate at very low pressure for either pump, but what I did find suggests the 040 is about half that of the 044 - while the 044s will be subject to rail pressure and so have less individual flow, and the 040 basically operating with no pressure head, it would seem to be very unbalanced for flow rates - especially as you will most likely be returning unused fuel to the tank, rather than the surge tank, to keep fuel temperatures down.

You may be better looking at the US electric pump options, as they have some capable of flowing a LOT of low pressure fuel for carbied drag cars.

As Gord mentioned, I've gone to low pressure carb pumps on all of my surge setups unless I need to keep parts interchangability. Holley Blue's are nice as you have a couple options off the shelf of 'high' (14 psi ish) and low pressure bypass setups and one will easily keep up with an 044 at 5 bar. The only downside is that its...Holley.

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