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Dome pressure sensor

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What is the best type of sensor to be used for wastegate pressure ?

There are many options. Suggestions would depend on things like the pressure range you're expecting to see, installation method and location you're hoping for, and the type of connector you prefer. The more info you provide, the better tailored our suggestions can be.

The reason for asking is I'm not sure of how much boost I would need to achieve the desire hp. However I think it may be in the 50-60 psi range of co2 pressure. I have a 0-150 psi pressure sensor that I was thinking of using. Would that be efficient ? I was told to use a map sensor but I don't think I would see vacuum at the wastegate hat .

Got it, thank you. I've used absolute and gauge pressure sensors for this. Either can work. 0-150 psi range still has decent resolution, or if you're confident you won't go much over 60 psi, a 0-100 sensor could work.

I generally use the Racegrade DTM pressure sensors from Motec USA, remove mounted off the hose, but there are plenty of other options out there too. I've just arrived at those because I feel they're a good mix of cost, reliability, accuracy.

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