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Donut Knock Sensor Part number?

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Hey guys, Im chasing a replacement donut style knock sensor.... Is there only one type and they are all the same output? Or do I have to be careful I get the right one to suit my knock sensor system?

I know SR20's have this style of sensor so would this be suitible

Bosch# 0261231006 is the one I'm sure I'm using with my Phormula KS4 and Link knock block with no issues, I'll need to check when im back in the shop

I can confirm the part#, using the exact same one

Just make sure that you get a wide band sensor, some OEM's (Mitsubishi EVO's for example) use a Narrow Band sensor that effectively pre filters the signal and only reads a very narrow range, iirc on the EVO's, it is +/- 200Hz at 13200Hz and the sensor ignores any other noise.

So were all confident that the Bosch# 0261231 006 and the Bosch# 0261231 173 as used by PLEX are both "flat response "sensors? ?

I'm definitely confident that Bosch# 0261231 006 is one, I have the box in front of me, I've not got a Plex so you'd need to double check the part number that they use

I can confirm both, the Plex# and the KS4 #

With respect to Bosch's part numbering schema, is it correct to say that all Bosch part numbers starting with #0 261 231 xxx are knock sensors?

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