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Drive DCCD with Link G4+

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Hello tuners,

I’m planning to run DCCD center differential with Link G4+. After some research I assume Aux Out (GP PWM mode) can achieve this goal. DCCD is nothing but a simple electrical magnet driven by 12VDC. According Subaru repair manual, DCCD maximum voltage should be 6-7VDC, which mean duty cycle at approximate 50%. DCCD has 10A of operating current so I want use solid state relay to drive it. Here is my question:

1.DCCD has 6 different lock percentage, minimum is 15%. So the magnet may need low voltage right? Something like 1.5V or so? But ETA ESR10 SSR(I intended to use) only has 6-16VDC operating voltage. So it may not run DCCD low lock percentage properly right? If so, how about use CrydomD1D20(1-DC Series)? It has 1-72VDC operating voltage range.

2.D1D20’s datasheet said inductive load need to connect a diode. What is diode choosing direction? Current? Is IXYS DSEP60-06A a good choice? It has 60A average forward current.



Hmm not sure on what's needed in between the ECU and the diff but I know for sure it has been done.

Dtech motorsport (David) would possibly the best guy to contact


Regards Ross

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