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hey guys, I'm seriously considering a mobile dyno hire business based in Brisbane Australia.

yes there are shops that hire their own dyno but most are booked many months in advance and you need to travel to their shop.

I am by no means a tuner although i am learning but i am seriously looking at a side business while keeping my full time job as i get a lot of time off between shift swings. between 1 and 4 days a week

I bring my brand new 2wd roller dyno to your shop, set it up and assist in running the dyno while you do the tuning.

saves you the expense of buying a dyno if you don't use one all the time, saves the space in your shop for when you aren't using it.

My question is .........

Do you think there is a viable business here? I really only need 1 or 2 days a month to pay for itself.

Is this something you would use or already use for your own business?

What sort of Dyno are you proposing to use? Most of the Eddy current dynos have power requirements that use wired in (415V three phase) connections, not 240V plug in power. What about cooling fans? These also require large power supplies to operate. Higher power cars will also need the dyno bed to be secured to the floor to stop the dyno from being twisted by the torque reaction of the retarders.

You also have to consider the cost of insuring the dyno and transporter in use and transport, how you are going to transport it in a manner that protects it from damage, as well as loading and unloading it from the transport vehicle. You will also need to re-calibrate the load cell regularly to ensure repeatability of the readouts, as these do not like being bounced around.

One of the issues is going to be the set-up, and removal time and labour, which may be an issue.

This is rather left-field, and is going to be expensive to get set up, but I was thinking of a specially built (or modified) low loader trailer with the dyno cell built into it. You arrive on site, drop the trailer to it's lowest height, vehicle is driven (or pulled on using built in winch to save it's transmission), strapped down, and the dyno' run(s) are done. I'm thinking integrated power generation and test equipment - 4/5 gas analyser, for example, is something many don't have but is a very useful tool that give a lot more fuelling information than a simple lambda.

Depending on the trailer size, weight, and design, it may be towed by a light truck and even backed into workshops as a semi-permanent istallation for several days of testing.

It may also open up other options for earning income, such as race meetings, test days, shows, etc, where people may need it to help identify issues on the day. It should have a built in 'weather station' with air temperature, pressure relative humidity, etc, information which can be given out free as a way to get a bit more attention.

single retarder 1200ph roller dyno, doesn't have huge power supply requirements,

pretty much any shop should have the 3 phase to run it and the fan

has mobility kit for easy loading/unloading

the supplies has been doing these a mobile units for quite a while and had their own vans for sales demos taking a dyno from place to place daily

they have 2 customers in aus doing this business model already.

insurance i still have to work out.

Gord, i know what you are getting at but thats definatly not the way im going.

setting up a trailer like that would cost more than the dyno and definatly not in my budget as a side gig.

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