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ECM Titanium v3 vs WinOLS

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Hello, I'm looking into purchasing my first tuning suite, and so far ive narrowed it down to ecm and winols. Now my question is seeing as in the newer ecm titanium version they have made it so you can manually look for your own maps in the hexdump. My only issue is that I use autotuner, and from what I have heard and been told ECM doesnt work quite as good with tools different that alientech.

Another question which I have is how would I go about using WinOLS with damos files and map packs, or could I use it easily and efficiently without them.

What I need is something which will allow me to start tuning relatively quick and not spending 1-2 hours looking for maps in WinOLS.

In the future I plan on buying both programs but for now I need something which will help me get tuning by myself.

Hi, two very different pieces of software that do similar things. If you have never tuned OE factory ECU, it is better to take baby steps. ECM has its place in the tuning SW food chain. Once you become efficient its shortcomings are quickly found. I jumped into OLS back in 2000. It has got better over the years. The reseller database is an OLS-only thing and is brilliant. You will learn map-finding skills in time.

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