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ECUMaster Black Cam trigger pattern for 3sge Beams VVTi

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Hi, I'm trying to help a friend find the right cam trigger pattern for his 3sge beams VVTi which is a 4-1, or a half moon and 3 teeth

ECUmaster doesn't have a specific option for it so trying to figure out which of the others would suit

Here is the list of supported secondary trigger wheels


And here is some pics of the camshaft





And the software, It has alot more bits and bobs to play with that I take for granted as I am used to Link I select 3SGE VVTi and it just works.


The problem with the 3SGE Beams engine trigger pattern is that it is a VVT engine and the cam position input also defines cam position for the cam control. If you want to retain this function then you would need a specific trigger option for the engine - It may be worth asking ECU Master to provide this. If you're prepared to eliminate the VVT option then you could grind all but one of the teeth off the cam position sensor and use a generic trigger mode. From memory the crank sensor is a 36-2 reluctor pickup which when coupled with a single sync input is very common trigger mode.

Have you tried selecting either of the VVTi options on the ECUMaster software and then cranking and looking at the scope? I'd say that if neither of these works it would have to be added on a software level. I've used these ECU's on various JZ VVTi engines with good success. I'm sure they will look to add support for your Camshaft trigger system if its required.

2JZ VVTi cam triggers have the three trigger teeth spaced about 120 degrees apart.

The 4-cylinder Toyota engines with VVTi usually have three trigger teeth spaced 90 degrees apart, and then a larger 180 degree gap like a missing fourth tooth. I'm not sure how other ECU's do their trigger pattern coding, but ours wouldn't run a 3SGTE Beams engine if configured for a 2JZ VVTi pattern.

Hey Mike, please can you record a SCOPE log from the engine while cranking. I've been in touch with the development/support team at ECUMaster for you and they're going to look into it for us.



any news on this? Im going to install a ecumaster black on a beams dual vvti soon. whould be great if anyone have a basemap or trigger /vvti settings

Best Regards Henrik

@Henrikrx8 I'd suggest contacting ECU Master directly on this request.

Sorry for the "necroposting", I'm currently using JZ's VVT-i patters for my Beams 3sGE and all operate well. Just for the information.

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