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ECUMaster CAN Switchboard Setup in Motec Dash Manager

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Hi, I am currently trying to setup the ECUMaster CAN Switchboard for steering wheel controls in the Motec C127 dash manager. ECUMaster has a few different data formats to use with the board, I am using "Data Format 0."

I thought I had everything setup properly but none of the switches show any data when monitoring those channels. I have confirmed the switchboard is getting 12V and ground, along with the board outputting 5V to the rotaries.

I have attached screenshots of my setup in dash manager and the data format from ECUMaster. Still trying to completely wrap my head around CAN, anyone have suggestions to get this functioning properly?

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Tell me what you have connected to the switch board, attach your dash config and I will set it up for you. Do you have the V1 or V3 board?

The "data format 1" is a bit weird in that ID 335 & 336 only have the same info that is already available in ID334. The "CALPOT" bytes are only useful if you have the ECU master 8 position pots connected to ANV 1 & 2.

Thanks for the reply Adam!

I have the V3 board and can change the data format if need be. I have it setup with Otto momentary buttons in S5 (launch), S6 (scramble), S7 (page up), and S8 (page down) along with AEM 12-position rotaries in A1 and A2.

Attached is the dbc file and dash manager file (had to upload in a zip as it didn't like the file formats). Anything you can help with is much appreciated!

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Your template on the C127 is incorrect. The Device should be "Receive Message", and the Format "Fixed Binary". Try that and let us know what you see.

Thanks for the suggestion David! I just made that change and still don't have any communication. Any other suggestions?

Also, how do you know which format to choose?

Try the attached config. I havent set up your buttons etc but the receive should work.

The two pots come in as raw voltage so these are mapped to GP Volts 1 & 2, you can convert these to "positions" using 2D tables. The switch inputs I have mapped to GP on/off 1-8, you can change some of these to specific button channels if you wish.

Also I noticed you have it set to 500K bit rate, I thought the default was 1Mbit on the CAN switch pad so check that is correct, I dont know how your jumpers are set.

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Thanks Adam! Unfortunately I still don't have any communication.

The documentation from ECUMaster states 500K is default and the jumper I had in place maintained that. I also tried 1Mbit with no change.

I was using "data format 0" but I noticed your config was setup for "data format 1" so I added a jumper to transmit accordingly, but again, no change.

Any other suggestions?

No, my config was set up for data format 0. As I said earlier the ID335 & 336 arent needed/useful.

According to the manual to configure the switch pad for data format 0 you need ID3 jumper closed. Your speed will be 500K if the speed jumper is open or 1Mb if the speed jumper is closed.

Ah, that makes sense now. I thought you meant the CALPOT data wasn't useful and to just ignore it.

I first tested the file you sent as I originally had it setup, for data format 0. You are correct, originally I only had the ID3 jump closed, all others open.

Do you suggest I try setting it up another way?

You can enable the diagnostic channel in the CAN setup to see if that gives any clues - I didn't bother in the config I did.

I would check again the physical connection. Check you have 50-60ohm resistance when measuring between pins 18/19 and you have continuity from there back to the correct high/low pads on the switch pad.

Adam, thank you!

I just assumed that bus had other devices on it but everything was on CAN2 and CAN1 did not have any terminating resistors. Just did a quick test and everything functions like it should with proper termination and your config.

Thanks for the help getting to the bottom of this, I'm enjoying learning this stuff and this is a lesson I wont forget haha.

And thanks from me. Funnily enough had just started looking at exactly the same thing!

I just found this and it sure works. The only strange behavior I get is that all my switch inputs trigger 2 switches in the can board. All of them activate “gp4” but with a different state number. They all also have a unique go number also.

The config uses 2 analog inputs. I checked the settings how it was as made wounded how I add more analog inputs?

Do you have a transmit config for those dah inputs for m150 also?


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