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ecumaster knock datalog

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i wanted to ask does the high boost 18 degree datalog look like there is a knock or is it normal noise level, and does the other two datalogs look knock free?

what do you guys think about the knock threshold too low or perfect?

the setting are 12.1kHz, gain 0.81,integrator 600 uSec using ecumaster bosch knock sensor on 2jz-ge Na-t

another issue is with 3 port solenoid and 8 psi spring im getting only 13.7psi on 95% duty cycle normal or restriction/boost leak. and can i raise the duty cycle to 100% or would the solenoid fail prematurely.

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You should confirm with audio knock detection. ECU On board knock detection sometimes needs adjustment, and as you said, the engine noise could need to be lowered or raised.

One thing I can see from your log is that the rpm graph is a bit erratic. It usually indicate either a trigger problem or a bad voltage supply to the ECU or a bad ground. Log your battery voltage and make sure it doesn't vary too much while the alternator is charging (0.1v is acceptable). On a EMU Classic, I always install a separate relay to the voltage supply wire of the ECU as I once had 2-3v random drop, which was creating erratic logging values on all parameters (RPM, Analog input (wideband), coolant temp, air temp, etc...)

For your boost solenoid problem, there is something wrong there as you should see at least 20 psig with 95% duty cycle. I think the rule of thumb is that you should be able to raise and control the boost 2.5x your spring pressure. Could be a faulty boost solenoid, an exhaust leak between the turbo and the manifold or a vacuum mix up when plugging the boost solenoid. Are you using a close loop or open loop boost strategy, or is there any boost control protection that could affect your duty cycle?

i think the reason the rpm is erratic its because the car still uses stock distributor.

i dont think the vacuum line is mixed up because we triple checked, currently im using open loop boost strategy.

yesterday i checked the boost level and it increased by 10kpa (206kpa) and it started hitting boost cut, i disabled the overboost protection but there was another fuel cut even though the fuel cut is set to 240kpa which is weird not sure why its hitting fuel cut and boost cut earlier than it should

I you want, you can send tune and log so we can look at it.

Did it lean out before hitting boost cut? Maybe a fuel issue or spark blowout?

Speaking from experience as Frank said you should always calibrate onboard knock control/monitoring with audio knock kit Phormula's kit is reliability cheap, link's knock block and the Plex Tuning products are good.




i do have plex monitor i just dont use it as i cant hear knock from it its not loud enough for me to hear i even tried hooking it up to the aux and turning up the volume to the max just to hear the knock at light throttle, i can only hear injectors using it, i might try det can setup.

its not leaning out afr is 11.3 according to ecumaster datalog, and 10.6 according to aem wideband, it could be spark blowout but when overboost protection is enabled it should like anti-lag, when disabled it sound like smooth fuel cut so im guessing it not spark blowout.

i will try to datalog it the next time i tune the car.

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