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Ecumasters ADU/Link G4+

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So I have wired via Can Bus an Ecumasters ADU to my Link G4+ Xtreme . From what I can tell I can petty much see everything (depending on config of pages etc.) from the ECU to the ADU . I can not although manage to see km's . I have tried every possible configuration (or at least believe to have) and still no result .

Unfortunately it will not let me upload adu files . The vehicle is Subaru Impreza GC8 . No oem dash is on the car . Has anyone come across such issue .

I don't use that particular combination, but you can set up your own message from Link to dash if the standard dash output stream doesn't include something you're hoping for.

I would also verify that your ECU has a valid speed source, and confirm what it's listed under, perhaps a GP Speed, or perhaps drive or driven speed, sometimes I find someone has set the VSS up as LF wheel speed. You may simply need to assign the speed to a channel that's part of the standard Link dash CAN stream.

The 4 independent wheel speeds are transmitted in the generic dash CAN stream, GP speeds and others such as driven/undriven wheel speeds are not by default. Provided you have your speed input assigned to a wheel you should see it in the ADU.

You should be able to attach your files here by putting them in a .zip file.

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