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ECUMASTERS emu idle /warm up 2jzgte tuning

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2jzgte ,single turbo ,FID 1200cc

Hey so I have recently had my car tuned and have had troubles with my iacv so I deleted it all around and am now wondering what tables I should mess with or in other words how I should approach getting a decent start/warmup/consistent idle after doing so ?much thanks !

You will probably need to adjust the throttlebody to allow more air in and raise your base idle speed. Then you want to try adding more ignition timing.

Cold start will be tough. You may have to keep your foot on the gas to keep it alive for the first minute or two.

Hey man on cool and yes I have the throttle plate cracked open a little as it is.....I just didn't know what tables I should be looking at and whether or not to keep certain tables in closed /open loop such as warm up enrichment ect

Getting a good cold start is probably not going to be possible now that you've deleted the IACV, as the ECU has no way of letting some extra air bypass the throttle to increase the engine speed when it is cold. To get a good cold start, you'd have to adjust your throttle stop, but then you'll find it'll idle too high when its warmed up. It should be possible to get your OEM IACV valve working if you wanted to look at reinstalling it?

Unfortunately I dont have any experience with ECU Masters ecu's (hoping to change that soon...), but usually ecu's have a few setting to help with the initial starting. Look for something like 'Priming Pulse', 'Cranking Pulse', 'Afterstart Enrichment' and 'Afterstart Enrichment Decay'. There will be a table somewhere for modifying the fueling and timing in relation to engine coolant temperature too I'm sure.

Awesome, thanks for the response Zac....do you happen to know if there will be any courses or webinars in the near future pertaining to ecumasters in any way ?also my target idle is 1000rpm.

Depending on your CAM, it shouldn't be hard to get a big 6 like the 2jz to idle smoothly at 1000rpm.

ECUMasters content has certainly been discussed, its on the list, but I'm loathe to put any time frames on it just at the moment. They look like really well featured ECU's for the price though!

Haha yeah I'm on stock came with 1200cc injectors. ...I'll look into it and report back ..thanks again and looking forward to some ecumasters talk /webinars ......is there anywhere specific I should be looking for ecumasters related topics and what not ?

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