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Effectiveness of Lamanova Intercooler

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Lamanova sells their tools for use as an air-to-water intercooler. This is a significantly different design than a bar and plate air-to-water intercooler.

Australian firm Sprintex has build a Lamanova intercooler for use with its F86 superchargers. They over it with 1L and 1.5L twisted rotor superchargers on the FA20.

Since the FT86 has been used extensively in webinars on at HP Academy, I was wondering if the Sprintex supercharger with Lamanova intercooler has been encountered, and if it has been, how effective was the intercooler.






Yes, we've tuned a number of 86's with the Laminova intercooler. In stock form though the IAT is still fitted to the MAF sensor so I don't have much solid data on their effectiveness. Ultimately the size of the core is probably a limiting factor in that particular application as to how well the intercooler can work.

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