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Hi, what´s the relatively safe EGT value ?

Because I have a fiat 126, which have air cooled engine, and I think, they have really high EGT.

For example: Light load, aprox 5000rpm, lambda 0,95 = -+980°C, so I rich it to 0,83 where are -+920°C . Ignition at this point is 38-39° BTDC.

So, what the relatively safe EGT values are for NA/FI, water/air cooled engine ?

I think your ignition timing is either very retarded (have you verified the actual timing with a timing light?), or your cam timing is off. 980degC is very hot! I would expect 650 - 750 to be safe values.

The header should be orange at that temperature (it would be medium to cherry red at 700 degC).

Check the timing of the engine (use a timing light to confirm).