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EGT Gauge Temp Range

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Heya, looking at fitting a EGT gauge to my skyline, more out of curiosity then anything else... The guages im looking at only go up to 900c. From the few things Ive read Petrol Exhaust temps can reach 1200c and be considered "ok"

Now ill be fitting the sensor Post Turbine (as close as possible) so there is a temp drop there...

Just wondering what are normal EGT figures for a few different boost ranges pre and post turbine... Does fuel type have a big effect? E85 vs 98?

I dont suppose anyone knows of a chart with all the variables and normal temp ranges.

I guess at the end of the day what Temp post turbine should you start worrying that something is about to melt?!

let me add to this...

if a car is fitted with a wideband, how best should a egt sensor be used in providing the best possible tune...

I have a DEFI EGT gauge that goes up 1100oC, might be worth looking at?

Under normal operation my EGT doesn't go above 1000oC, typically it peaks around 950oC.

Several factors affect EGT, two which I have experienced; timing advance and injector timing. Retarding ignition advance will typically increase EGT. I also found adjusting injector timing (when the injectors to fire) also effected EGT, as well as drivability. I should point out I was not running a stock inlet, so the injectors were in a different position and that necessitated me playing with that table!

My EGT sensor is mounted at the collector, just before the turbo flange. The O2 sensor is after the turbo, in the downpipe. Putting it after the turbo- I would expect that will reduce what temp you see, but I would also reason that it is still effective there as a relative indication? In a way it is just like dyno; The number itself isn't so critical, the change is the bit to concentrate on.

There isn't a huge amount of info on the web regarding EGT, but search and you'll find some.

Regardless, EGT tuning would be a really good Webinar subject.......

Hope this helps! :-)

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