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Engine not catching idle when clutch in comming to a stop

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Hi Guys, i have an evo 7 with a haltech sporrt 1000 i have an issue when coming to a stop and when i put the clutch in the idle barley catches so it almost stalls any ideas as to what setting i have wrong??

Need to adjust your "warm minimum duty" under warm idle.

Look at your outputs when the car is idling normally, and see what duty the idle valve is running. Then set your minumum just a little bit under that.

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Hi 13bjunkie,

Thank you I will check it out tonight and have a look and see what value it is then put a value just below it. I know I have altered that number already but it only seems to do it when the revs were high and if I stop suddenly

Do you have overrun fuel cut activated? if so what rpm does is deactivate?

Just wondering if as the revs are falling quickly from high revs, the fuel injectors shut off and they turn back on (fuel cut deactivates) almost too late to catch the engine from stalling?


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