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Erratic Ignition Timing on Tip In - Acceleration stutter?

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So I've been trying to figure out what this slight stutter under low speed acceleration and on/off throttle Is I've noticed with my car (2018 Subaru STI), and the only thing I can come up with is it does look like under these conditions the ignition timing kind of zig zags around a lot.

Does the ignition timing doing this seem like the culprit for this kind of issue or probably something else? If it is ignition, how might I be able to fix the issue?

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Yes there are various tables controlling transient timing reduction on tip in. They do not cause what's I'd call stumbling though.

If the car feels like it's stumbling on tip in it's likely fueling related. Depending on your setup wall wetting adjustments may be required, but most basic setups are fine after proper MAF/SD tuning and tip in enrichment tuning.

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