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evo 8 big project with 286 cams

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Hi guys

got a big evo project

fully built engine

286 cams and 6766 turbo

we started the car yesterday

cant get it to idle less than 1500 rpm

idle is 13 afr (on 98 fuel )

also idle is around -10 kpa

2150 fic injectors

linkecu plug n play

is this normal for such a setup ?

car sounds insane i will post a vid soon

With Power-Division S3 cams I remember that the idle was 1100-1300 less than that was impossible. I dont remember if it was 1100rpm or 1300rpm so the car dont stall on the stoplights. Maybe your cams are a little bit bigger, and thats why the high idle.

Did you actually degree the camshafts? I would expect more than 10Kpa vacuum with cams like this. 10Kpa suggests either a big vacuum leak or bad cam timing.

If everything mechanical checks out and you still only have 10Kpa vacuum at idle you will need to change your fuel map axis to TP.

Just a thought - How much timing do you have at idle ? Big cams can use more initial advance than stock and this can help improve idle vacuum and may help with a lower stable idle speed .

Your idle vacuum has me raising an eyebrow. 286 deg cams are reasonable but not massive. I'd expect to be able to get an idle speed around 1200 or so and you should be pulling much more vacuum than that. Double check the actual cam timing (not just where the cam wheels are pointing but actually degree the cams with a degree wheel and dial indicator if you haven't already). I'm willing to bet you have way too much overlap right now.

the engine was built with the cam degree wheel and was verified

i tuned the car on the dyno and made 620 whp at 2.1 bar boost on a mainline dyno so its got the power

however i still think there is something wrong

idle is still not stable and egt on cylinder 1 and 4 is much lower like 1/2 the temps from 2 and 3

we also have starting problems on older plugs

if i take the plugs out i see 1 and 4 really wet with fuel and 2 and 3 perfect

i put all 4 injectors in plastic cups and tried to start the car them measured the amount of fuel it was equal

also coils seem to fire ok

what could cause this ?

seems like cyl 1 and 4 are not firing at the right time ?

What's the ignition setup on the car, Rasheednash?

wasted with COP conversion

If you have the car idling and unplug the coil for cylinders 1 and 4, does the engine drop in idle speed and stall? See if you can isolate an individual cylinder that isn't running. The fact your EGT is low on 1 and 4 suggests these cylinders aren't firing at idle but it would be pretty unusual if you're still able to make 620 whp in this situation. Have you checked for vacuum leaks around the injectors and intake manifold at idle?


found out the headgasket is leaking in cyl 2 and 3

what headgaskets do you guys use for high power cars.

our final target is 2.7 bar on e85

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