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Evo 8 tephra v7 help

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Hey guys

I am trying to tune my 1st evo 8 with tephra v7

Car was tuned by another tuner and came to me as they are not happy with it

Car has no maf and running speed density

I opened the file and can see all the tables. The car has shit cold start and stalls if I don't hold the throttle at around 1500-2000 rpm

Once it's warm it's ok. I was able to raise the idle a bit to 900 and it's much better now

I am trying to tune the idle and cold start so I can continue with closed loop

I am using ecu flash to edit the maps and works

However with evo scan I can't seem to get the data I want to show

For example all fuel trims are stuck on 0

Can't see an o2 sensor ( stock narrowband)

Do I have to load special logger defs like for subarus??

I wish romraider logger would work on evo it's a lot better

Any other tips ?? I read merlyn s guide but it doesn't talk about logging nor about tephra

Thanks for the help

I use both open source/evo scan and ECUedit/Epifan although have only used ECUedit when doing speed density with great results.

I also tend to favor using ecuedit for data logging when I can anyway as I find it more stable and not dropping out or not reading certain parameters.

ECUedit can be found here http://www.epifansoft.com/

thanks Chris,

I bought the software. logging is much better

I am having a fuel cut on the car. seems to cut injectors

Here's a log and my file

i cant find any reason why its cutting

any ideas?

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At a quick look at the log I would say boost cut.

I don't have the definition for this file so can't open your tune file. If you want to post up the definition as well I can have a look

here u go

add these to C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenECU\EcuFlash\rommetadata\mitsubishi\evo

heres another log of the same thing

seems like a load issue

boost is very low

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I can't see any limits that could be causing it. Couple things I would try would be to disable your launch control and no lift to shift and other add ons in your tephra options. This will eliminate any of these causing issues.

Also log vehicle speed to ensure the ecu is seeing speed and not activating the stationary rev limit, maybe even try a run in a lower gear as well and see if you can.

i am losing hope

ordered a link ecu :)

this stock ecu is shit

Is your speed sensor working?

That's where I was starting to lean towards as well HS Engineering.

That is one way to fix the issue Rasheednash :)

I have pushed the stock ecu very far and with great results. Sometimes just take a bit of work and figuring out.

Hi Chris.Sorry, I missed your previous post somehow.

I have also had great results with the OEM Evo ECU.

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