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EVO X ECU Connector

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I'm looking for a source for the lever locking 64 and 48 pin ECU connectors used for the OEM Evo X ECU.

They look like the photo below, but I can't seem to identify the brand or model of connector.

The closest thing I have been able to find is the TE MT-2/JPT connectors, however, they don't list the correct pin counts.

I can't personally help but it might be worth flicking an email through to Motorsport Electronics (sales@msel.co.nz) and asking the question. Richard (MSEL) posts on our forums from time to time. I'd also try sales@racespeconline.com (Joel @ Racespec USA), orders@rywire.com (Ryan @ Rywire) and it might be worth asking the guys over at www.milspecwiring.com.

Hi, I know it's been a couple of years.

Did you manage to find the connector? TrialEngineering


Not for the plastic housings. I was able to find a part number and supplier for the terminals.

I ended up recovering the housings and wire seals from a donor harness.

The plastic connector seems impossible to source. Seems like reusing the old connector will be the only way.

Do you remember what brand and series of terminals/pins that connector uses?

Any help is appreciated.

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