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EVO9 Link g4 plug in ecu

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Hello Andre i have install a link g4 plug in ecu on a Mit evo 9 and because there is no awd dyno i have to do it on the streets the roads here are not that long and safe so i would like to spend less time as possible tuning it on the streets ,And my question witch wide band 0-5 volt you recommend to install so i can trust 100%,there are some here .

The following is a list of the built in sensor calibrations for various Wide band Lambda Sensor controllers. Note that these calibrations can be used with any sensor controller as long as the sensor controllers output has been calibrated to match.

Note: ALWAYS confirm the output calibration of your sensor controller.

Calibration Name

Low Voltage

Low Lambda

Low AFR (Gasoline)

High Voltage

High Lambda

High AFR (Gasoline)

Innovate LC1

0 V



5.00 V




0 V



5.00 V



Autronic 0-5 V

0 V



5.00 V



Autronic 0-1 V

0 V



1.00 V



I would use a CAN wideband like the Ecotronics ALM-CAN. A CAN-tamplete is already available in PC Link. You get much better accuracy and some diagnostic codes. Some analogue Widebands 0-5V output are very inacurrate.

Personaly the AEM Uego has the worste 0-5V output i came across.

Thanks Adrian i will look it up .have you install one of those already on a Link g4+ ecu ??

I have sitting here a couple of ALM-CAN, but to be honest I haven't installed and compared one to my trusted source (Dynapack, Motec PLM) yet.

I'm tired to recalibrate the inaccurate 0-5v lambda controllers that are out there. The signal transmission over CAN is digital, means if the controller shows Lambda 0.8999 the ECU receives exact 0.8999, too. Its not unusual to see Lambda flucation of 0.04 (=AFR 0,6) and more with the crop of cheap widebands.

I asked Link what fault codes are received over the ALM-CAN template and what happens in case of an error. Haven't received an answer yet, but hope that ECU goes just in openloop in case of senors or CAN failure. Means you can savely run full time closed loop lambda control.

I wouldn't do that on an analogue wideband. Since there is a chance that ECU trims a lot of fuel out, due to a sensor fault.


CAN based wideband controllers would be my recommendation. As far as analogue controllers go, I've had good results using the Innovate LC2 - Note that the LC1 was not a great product though so there's a big difference between the two.

Adrian i have order the ecotron alm-c wide band and its have arive.but when look further on the link storm ecu the can H and can L is on the ecu ,i had to order the can connector that will arive this coming week and i will hook it up and try to set it up with Can.

Hello Adrian or Andre i have the ecotron CAN wide band install and until today unable to show afr on the link storm software. i have done the procedure in the help section for the CAN setup, and also i had to buy the communication port connector on the link ecu to get the can-h can-l . do you guy have any help here ,i have also contact Simon from link for a help and set hem also the map but no luck jet.

Have you installed a resistor in each end of the line?

The Link ECU has an internal terminating resistor, so it's not necessary to install an external one. There are many possible areas to go wrong with connecting a CAN device. I'd confirm the CAN HIGH and CAN LOW are correct at both devices, ensure the bus speed is set correctly, and also that the ID is correct for a start.

Hello Chris no resistor been installed.in the help section are the information for the ecotron wide band the bits the ID and the template to choose from .

When i chk in the runtime value under Can1 or Can2 all readings show in green ok.

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