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Exhaust vvt 8.5 degrees off

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Hi there,

I'm working on a car right now which has a weird situation with the exhaust vvt's, one of them is off by 8.5 degrees. Any of you seen this before? Im thinking it might be off a tooth?

Some information:


build vq35 Revup engine.

Hope you guy's can help me point in the right direction.

Kind regards,


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could be oil temperature or pressure related

If it's a fresh build then it is very possible that the cam timing is out a tooth. I'm not familiar enough with the VQ35 cam chain to know how many teeth the cam gears have but essentially you can calculate what being off by 1 tooth would do to the cam timing. Generally if the cam timing is off like this it will affect the compression of one bank of cylinders. You will be able to measure this if you do a comp test as there will be a clear variation bank to bank, but if you have a sensitive ear, often you can hear the difference in compression during cranking if you disable fuel/spark and prevent the engine starting.

Thanks Andre,

We took the engine apart and all is on time. Next thing we are going to try is change the electronic vvt phasers with other ones. Keep you guy's posted.

Kind regards,


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