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*Eye Roll*... VF Commodore V6 Pops and bangs

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Hi guys.

Got a customer here adamant he wants pops and bangs on the VF V6, im reading lots of conflicting info online about the ability to do it using the minimum spark tables in HP tuners.

Has anyone successfully done this and if so, could you give me some pointers?

sorry, it doesn't look like anyone wants to admit they have tried it!

unfortunately, i am one that hasn't tried it either

Regards ross

if you have a no load timing table - set that to say 0deg from about 2500rpm upwards and see what that does

if you don't - map trace the ignition table that is used under load - see where it traces on decel - set that bit of the table to 0deg and see what that does

I've seen anywhere between +5deg and -25deg of timing used to generate noise on decel - from burbles to bang-bangs

It's not going to pop/bang/crackle/burble if you have a fuel cut active at the time and most ecu's will fuel cut after x amount of time when you are doing decel and that will stop all the noises

If the car has a cat converter - dont do it - itll ruin the cat and they aint cheap - or get the customer to sign a disclaimer saying you will not be held responsible for the melting of the cat / blocking the cat up / red exhaust manifolds / blowing the exhaust valves open into a piston etc etc

and to be honest - i'd wager they would get real sick of it in about 10 mins of driving - or as soon as they try and drive through a police checkpoint or something over there :)

I have tried it myself so on my ecu the ideas worked but...

Its too damn noisy - too obnoxious for a road car - doesn't do anything helpful or productive - just draws attention to the car in the worst ways - pisses off other drivers - sounds rude - cops will be able to pinpoint the car easier

guessing the customer is on the younger end of the scale - they wont listen (i never did when i was younger either) but hey - if they pay and sign away a disclaimer for you to absolve you of all legal issues "we forced him to install the settings we wanted and he recommended against it" you should get away with it if the cops ever check into things.

I totally agree with your eyeroll :)

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