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Flui Damper and Sump extension for RB30 ?

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Hi guys.

I am in process of buying harmonic damper, i have opted for Flui Damper but there is a problem.

There is a difference between R32 ,R33 and RB30 cranks. I have a crank collar installed to run Rb26 oil pump.

Now i want to know which model fui damper will fit my crank ? Rb30 or R33 ?

- Suggestions for RB 30 oil sump extension ?

talk to the vendor of the harmonic damper first

From my understanding there is nothing fundamentally different about the fitment of the pulley to the crank. It's the drive belts that are the area of difference. The dealer should be able to clear this up.

As for sumps there's no shortage of options from vendors all around the world. I don't have enough experience to say which is the best. Here's one option I found in a few seconds: http://www.hioctanedirect.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=67_74&products_id=2386

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