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Fuel Charge temp for rev 3 3SGTE

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Does anyone have good numbers for the fuel charge temp setting in the link G4? I've had to redo all my deadtimes as the numbers given to me when I bought the injectors wern't working. Problem is I've been using the terget lambda method of tracking afr to check my deadtimes are good and realised that now I can't do the same for the fuel charge setting so If anyone had numbers for this on a Stock rev 3 3sgte engine and they happy to share them I'd be really gratefull.

Perhaps you should go back to your previous deadtimes, and try just tuning the Fuel Charge Temp using the target lambda method. See which solution gives better results across the entire injector pulse width range.

The injector pulse width data supplied would gives swings of 0.30 lambda when asking for a 10% change from 1.00 to 0.90. The fuel charge temp didn't seem to make any difference regards of what number I inputted. I just thought someone would have a ball park number I could use for it.

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