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Hello everyone ,

I have increased the fuel lines on my Honda Integra and wanted to open holes in my pump hanger to put fittings for my lines but the pump hanger is way to hard to open those big holes and also might run of room on the bottom part . I was thinking to run an external pump instead as an aftermarket pump hanger with fittings is too expensive . Would like to know from your experience to do such a conversion can I directly an external pump or do I need also an intake fuel pump ?

Also I will be using Nos on the vehicle specifically the sniper Nos on an ITB setup . Is there any recommended way to set it up ?

Most external pumps can not suck fuel from the tank so you need an intake/lift pump.

If the external pump is mounted below the tank and the fuel feed is at the bottom like a fuel cell it will be ok.

However if the fuel line is at the top of the tank you will need an internal pump to feed the external.

Other option is to get an external high volume low pressure lift pump to feed the external.

NOS setup it depends what kit you would get and you ECU capabilities. I would suggest getting a dry kit and using the ECU to switch into a 4D/Overlay NOS table to increase your fuel supply and remove timing as required.

Providing your injectors are large enough

Thanks Chris , trying to use the oem fuel tank but I am having size issue with the fittings as my lines are -8 on the feed and -6 on the return . The oem are smaller and trying to see what I can do to use less adapters to make it full size of my new lines , so I can have max flow .

In regards of the NOS , I was wondering since I already had the Sniper kit to use it but I am wondering how to use it correctly on the itbs setup that I have . Like where would it be the best way to put my nozzle since I will have my itbs without a box , completely open with just the filters on

If using a stock in-tank pump I usually try and using bulkhead fittings so I can run a -8 line into the tank and connect it direct to the pump on the cradle.

In regards to the NOS setup, if you don't have an air box then you can only really fit it as a direct port kit, this will require 4 foggers in each runner.

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